Update 2016

I have not written is some time…….. Its not that I had forgotten but several challenges have honestly made me forget about the blog. I want to thank my friends that have made it possible to get through things. Life has been bitter and cruel. My Crohns is in remission, unfortunately I have had numerous new symptoms. Memory, emotional and mental changes. Currently I am being tested for Huntington’s disease, ms and other neurological disorders.

Its been a rough few years, I lost my dad, as he passed away, my marriage is in peril,dealt with abuse and my health conditions are very difficult.


We moved to southern California, which has generally been good for me, and I love working as a nutritionist. I also went back to school so I can be a a registered Dietitian and would like to work in hospitals. I am busy to say the least. All last year I was on a quest to figure out how to rebuild my life and figure out who I am and what path I should take. I feel good about going back to school to gain even more knowledge. I also work with the DBSA San Diego chapter(dbsasandiego.org).


Hopefully I can be better at updating the blog in the future.


I will tell you my life and who I am has changed drastically, which some people are not able to handle. I never give up, even when I really want to. Its a constant internal struggle for me to deal with.


Th elections are very important to me, which is not good for my anxiety, but I have never seen an election like this one. I can tell you that I am absolutely anti Trump! For now I wont go any further, because this post would be hundreds of pages long.


The only way out is through!

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