Last week I was at the GI doctor and he told me about a variation of Budesonide that may be a good option for me. It is usually for UC treatment, but since I have Crohns Colitis it may work pretty good at least in Theory. I admit, I am interested. Anything to get relief in tough times. However it got me to thinking it is a bandage solution and there is still no cure for this beast inside.

So it  specifically targets the colon. It is a medicine used to treat active, mild to moderate ulcerative colitis. It’s for people experiencing UC symptoms or a flare-up who are trying to reach remission, a period of time without symptoms.

UCERIS is a different kind of steroid designed specifically to treat UC. It decreases inflammation throughout the colon with a targeted delivery of medicine throughout the full length of the colon, where the disease is located. UCERIS is a single pill taken once a day by mouth for up to 8 weeks or longer if needed.

IBD causes inflammation, or areas of redness and swelling, in the colon. This disturbance produces the symptoms of UC. As it helps to heal the lining of the colon, UCERIS decreases the severity of inflammation, thereby helping to eliminate UC symptoms.

What happens after taking UCERIS? Unlike typical steroids, which act on the whole body, UCERIS targets the area where the disease is located. The medicine travels through the digestive system and stays intact until it reaches the colon. Once it dissolves, UCERIS forms a type of gel and slowly releases medicine to the full length of the colon.



Good option? Maybe

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