Here I Sit Among The Sick

For years I knew something was wrong with me, I just did not have a name for it and it that there was some hope that it would be found and cured! If you would have told me years ago that I would be sitting in a mass treatment room with others in floral pattern recliners while lethal doses of medications dripped into the veins of the sick, I would have told you to stop smoking the cheap stuff! However here I am. Last Friday was my 2nd Iron infusing because I am deficient due to the Crohns. This trip I overheard two people talking. I sat there staring at the IV in my arm and watching the brown shit drip in my veins….


The two people were talking about their Pancreatic cancer. Now I do feel plenty of sympathy  dont get me wrong. Cancer is no joke! I guess the key points that caught my attention were the fact that they bragged about craving cheeseburgers after their treatments. Now I have crohns and anytime I eat it is 50/50 if I get sick or how my body wants to process the incoming food. Now if I eat a cheeseburger I am for sure asking for pain and to be sick. They acted like it was no big deal, but to me it is a huge deal. They also talked about the fact the suffered major dehydration, well I suffer that on a regular basis. In addition they described how terrible it was to have surgery ok CHECK me too! Abdominal surgery feels like your guts are falling out!  Also the fact they had to have an endoscopy and how terrible that was to have. I sat there thinking maybe they wanted some cheese with the wine….  I was thinking about how many scopes I have had and how strong I have had to be. How hard it is to handle my lack of my digestion! Speaking of that I dont know if I have gotten more bitter or less tolerant  but I try not to take the pity route. I guess along with food, I can no longer digest whine either…..

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