An Uphill Battle

For the past few weeks I have not been feeling too well. I thought maybe after this last run of Entocort I would turn a corner, but the cycle of symptoms are back! I am switching meds to Asacol, which is the same chemical, but taken at a different dose and at different times. I also have been working with my hematologist and it is apparent that my blood work is not as good as it should be 😦 which makes me want to scream! I will now be receiving Venofer® iron sucrose injections for the next 5 weeks to combat anemia.  My white count is also elevated which I could have predicted based on the recent symptoms and apparent flare that is happening  I wonder if I ever went into full remission since last year or if this all has been a game the crohns has been playing?


I really wish there was some sort of option that would allow me to live a normal life without this disease  I get so tired of wasting my life doing this dance. I feel like I am missing my kids life, my life all because I am sick……


I often go to bed in pain, looking at my husband wondering if this will be the night I have to go back to the hospital. I find comfort knowing when my own GI is on call. I live my life around my bowels.

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