Stem Cells Harvested From Human Gut

Is the U.S getting with the program? For the first time Stem Cells were harvested from the human gut. What does this mean? Well, it opens the door for more research for IBD and other gut conditions. The research could shed a light on new therapies that could be beneficial and less dangerous in treating IBD.  Truly this is a leap forward and a progressive step in research and development.

Scientist say their first step was to isolate and grow single gut cells from mice, so they already had a head start in trying to pursue that same practice in humans. They then established the differentiation genes CD24 and CD44 on the surfaces of human gut stem cells. Then they attached fluorescent tags to these molecules and they were able to identify the cells from the human gt samples. They were able to sort them into active and reserve cells which is important. These cells are often killed off by chemo and radiation therapy.


Source: Medical News Today

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