Natural Treatments For Crohns

It can be scary when treating Crohns. All the medications that are typically given have major side effects and not to mention the drug interactions. The amount of pills we attempt to use to try to treat and control this horrid disease will simply make you nuts! Here are some things that can be tried on the natural level.

Probiotics– probiotic supplements, available through products like Phillips Colon Health and Align Digestive Care, Crohn’s patients can help restore the state of bacteria in their digestive tracts, which can become unbalanced due to problems with the body’s immune response. Crohn’s patients considering probiotic supplements should look for one that is free of dairy, as dairy can be upsetting to the digestive system. Patients should also look for probiotics that contain both the L. acidophilus and L. bifidus organisms, both of which promote digestive health.

Fish Oil

Fish oil has long been used to promote cholesterol health, but its benefits to Crohn’s patients have also been discovered. For Crohn’s sufferers, the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids found in fish oil are thought by some to reduce inflammation, which is responsible for Crohn’s symptoms.



Some Crohn’s patients have received relief from symptoms by using acupuncture. This comes from Chinese medicine and really works well at pain relief for some people.



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