The Link Between Celiac & Crohn’s Disease

In January of 2012 I became sick yet again. I went back to my doctor and he suggested that I have some food allergy testing since that is one of the only things at that point we had not tried. I went to Human Health Specialists here in Arizona There they did the Alcat testing. As you can see I ended up with a moderate allergy to Gluten. I do notice that I feel better when I do not eat gluten, it is easier on my GI system.







Did you know Celiac disease and Crohn’s Disease have already been considered “sister diseases” (along with ulcerative colitis)? researchers combed through genetic data from an estimated 10,000 people — some with Crohn’s, some with Celiac, some without either disease — and found four genes that may contribute to the risk of both diseases.  In fact,  one gene was previously known in celiac, but was just discovered in Crohn’s and a  fourth gene actually links celiac, Crohn’s and colitis. What does this mean? According to WebMd “The research may help to explain why people who have celiac disease appear to have a higher rate of Crohn’s disease than the general population. It may one day lead to new treatments that address the underlying inflammation involved in both conditions.”

That over-reaction can lead to the body attacking itself also known as auto immune response — which can lead to celiac disease, Type 1 Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis and more.

The news release says much more research needs to be done to better understand these genes  and their connection to Crohn’s and Celiac.

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