My Breakup Letter To Crohns



Dear Crohns,

I have only known your official name for a short time, but we have known each other for 23 years.  Without a name you caused me to skip living my life due to the pain and distress you have caused me. I am not sure why you chose me to suffer your horrid infliction. At 8 years old I experienced your pain and wondered why I was not like other kids playing outside. I often wondered what was making me so sick all the time. I would sit and cry over you as a little girl. The pain was something no child should have to go through. You made me look like a fool having to visit doctors. The doctors thought I was a mental case because they could not find out what was making me sick. They thought it was in my head. I endured over 20 tests. You eluded all of those and hide yourself so I could not receive treatment. You made me want to run away from my life, but there was no place to go. I spent so much time sick for no reason. I had so many symptoms that made no sense and suffered needlessly.  I was deprived of things I wanted to accomplish. I have lost jobs due to your misery. I was fired because my boss thought I was just skipping work. I missed so much school it affected my learning. I wish I could make you suffer like I have had to. How many Holidays are you going to take from me? How much of my life will be wasted on your crap? This year alone I have spent 9 months being sick. Finally this year you almost got what you wanted by killing me. I ended up in the hospital. I laid there while doctors tried to save me from your affliction and hold you had over me.

In spite of you I am stronger for putting up with your utter ignorance. The road I have traveled has been tough, but I am a fighter and a survivor. You will not get the pleasure of taking me. I fight back, I fight hard, I win. I think this is where you should destroy yourself from all the things you have done wrong. Leave to never return, you are not wanted in my life. It is time for you to run. This is where we part ways and I take my life back.



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